Why SAM?

At ASA we focus on innovation in close cooperation with our customers to continue providing ever-improving features that directly benefit their cores business. Some of the main features that set us apart from the competition can be viewed below

“After a very frustrating period, where we tried to implement a computerised system for our helicopter maintenance with very little help from our previous supplier, it has been a pleasure to experience the skill and commitment of the implementation staff from ASA”

Arne Lange - Maintenance Manager, DanCopter


Price Independent of Amount of Aircraft

With SAM you only pay for how many concurrent users you want using the software, not per aircraft.

Lightning Quick Implementation

Unlike our competitors, SAM’s implementation timeline is measured in days and weeks, not months and years.

Pay for What You Use

There is no overkill in functionality. SAM is made up of multiple modules, and you only pay for those you use.

From Drone to 747

SAM is optimized for any aircraft size, be it a small biplane or a large Jumbo Jet.

You Are In Control

With SAM there is no need for expensive analysts who take weeks to answer your call. Instead, you are in charge.

Minimize Ground Time

By using SAM, customers have seen a 15 - 20% aircraft ground time decrease.

Less Staff

With SAM, one skilled planner can manage 3 - 4 High utilization aircraft by himself.

Two Clicks from Success

SAM is designed with an intuitive “two click” approach where all information is no more than two clicks away from the user.

Customer Support

We pride ourselves on giving you the best possible customer support. We are always available for a call during business hours.