Go beyond day-to-day activities. Start leading your business through superior planning and forecasting.

Simple to Use

SAM is built to resemble the Windows Office user interface, ensuring familiarity and accessibility.

Less typing, more fixing

Inputting data is quick, simple on only needs to be done once. With SAM's simplified workflow, there is no need for irritating repetition.

Track Man-Hours

Keep track of historical task completion durations, for later use in quotation and billing of customers.

Global Tasks

Tasks can be linked together so that when you update one task, everything is seamlessly amended.

Maintenance Crew Log

SAM helps ensure your workforce remains certified by tracking their completed tasks and hours.

You Are in Control

With SAM there is no need for expensive analysts who take weeks to answer your call. Instead, you are in charge.

Superior Planning Defeats Unexpected Delays

Being an MRO the challenge is performing the various checks properly, timely and in a cost effective manner in order to minimize “downtime”, and ensuring the aircraft to enter back into service preferable before scheduled deadline. This generates satisfied customers “in house” as well as third party, and therefore a reliable MRO software is a must, to fulfil these goals.

The Devil is in the Details

SAM supports you as an MRO on these parameters

  • Unlimited Work order and Task Card creation
  • Accurately build invoice with work order
  • Track Inventory from cradle-to-grave
  • Trace and manage any and all documents
  • Import 3rd party work orders.
  • Automatic selection of spare parts.
  • Easily generate purchase orders
  • Keep track of repair & exchange orders
  • Create a paperless environment
  • Receive requests for 3rd party maintenance
  • Superior project managing
  • Automatic selection of quoted man hours

The Statistics Don't Lie

SAM Maintenance management software is more than just a tool for traceability, it’s a decision-making tool that puts you in control.

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ROI After 1 Year
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2 Week Implementation
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Satisfied Customers

What our customers say

Intuitive Software

SAM was developed to be as simple to use as possible. This means that the learning period is very short, due to intuitive design and two-click approach, that puts all necessary features within just two clicks.

User Interface

Resembles the Windows interface, making it intuitive because everything is where you expect it to be.


SAM is compatible with most devices capable of running a Remote Desktop Connection.

ATP Interface

Because SAM offers a direct interface with ATP Aviation Hub, you can stay up-to-date with AD and SB alerts.